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Strategic efficiency

Business GPS® is the only collective intelligence software managing, collecting, combining and checking strategies proposed by contributors.
It helps you calculate in a few hours the most efficient solutions to achieve customer objectives, in a way that is 100% rational and free from subjectivity!

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Business GPS : All your business challenges are displayed on this screen

The most important screen in Business GPS®:

The screen is unique for each user, managing all personal projects stored in active and archived folders,
as well as projects from colleagues on which he was invited as participant.

Business GPS : Supports et informations

Business GPS : the video training

Collective intelligence : 4 steps in order to solve complex business challenges

Step 1 :

Project Manager
Chat of 30 minutes
9 small screens to complete
Quite easy (after 2 projects)

A Senior or Junior manager creates a collective session, where he defines a problem to be solved. He builds with Business GPS® a vision together with key performances to be improved. He selects a team composed of trusted contributors who will help solve this problem. The manager gives mandate to the Business GPS® software to find out how to improve from there the key success performances, improve the company processes, or those of a specific department. Beware that it is never advisable to be involved in the area of responsibility of another manager without his consent. But in such case, you can always work together on a project.

Step 3 :

Usually 3 to 10 company experts
Task of 30 minutes up to 2 hours
2 screens to complete
Requires observation
and a sense of responsibility

After the creative contribution comes a time for factual data to be collected from company experts: Treasurer, Director of Sales, Human Resources. Saying so, Business GPS® collects the impact of each idea on your project. Also collected are the costs if any, the risks, the efforts to provide when implementing, the chances for success, etc. There are 2 versions of Business GPS®. The GOLD version has a specific module proposing an integrated dynamic management of the contributors (several emails: one for each new task, based on the contributor’s roles). The START ONLINE version does not provide such dynamic management and the company coordinator shall check himself that all contributors of ideas have finished their tasks, before the company experts start with their own contribution.

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Step 2 :

Usually 5 to 35 contributors
Task 15 to 30 minutes
Only 1 screen to complete
Think out of the box, quite easy

The software invites Contributors using an email, specifying the name of the challenge, who is inviting and the hyperlink to connect. Contributors may be either internal or external to the company (customers, suppliers, advisors): this is the Project Manager’s own decision. When connecting, contributors are informed about the challenge or issue to be solved. They can accept or decline the invitation. Once accepted, Business GPS® displays this new challenge on their personal desktop. Each contributor is assigned with one or more role(s) to be played. In the beginning, Business GPS® collects inputs from the creative contributors.

Step 4 :

Project Manager
The best solutions in 15 minutes
2 screens to operate
Very easy

Once all the data is stored in the system, the Project Manager creates one or more calculation profiles. He can ask for example Business GPS® to search for the 50 best scenarios, each propo-sing 5 priorities only to implement, a maximum budget of € 70,000, requiring no IT developers from the company, and still giving significant results after 3 months with a 85% chances of success. In fact, all these parameters can be fine-tuned by the Project Manager. Here, the modus operandi is very similar to the GPS approach used in your car. Once calculated, the Business GPS® creates an hyperlink to a list of scenarios identified. These are graphically presented in descending order from best to the least efficient solution. All solutions will fit your constraints. And for each, You can view the details, providing even more information on all impacts on the business and its environment.

Importance of KPI

The Business GPS® makes a heavy use of KPI (Key Performance Indicators). Prior to using this software, it is advisable to dispose of a few contributors familiar with these KPIs. It should be understood that any idea for improvement can be measured by an indicator, a specific performance that when measured checks whether the underlying idea has been realized or not. For example, turnover can summarize the business result of sales. And if it is a key criteria for the contributors, Well, this indicator is expected to increase!

True example

A board member of this bank was in charge of Human Resources, in addition to his other activities. He was complaining that the department no longer met the needs of his organization in terms of effective support. The bank wanted to revitalize the HR team around a positive concept. 21 colleagues participated in this Business GPS® session. The project involved soft human issues, culture differences, together with hidden agendas. A few days later, the software results were available. As from the first calculation, five priorities were assigned to the HR department.


Based on the calculation results, the Project Manager chooses the solution that best fits according to his understanding. With practice, he will trust the Business GPS®. He will perform fewer analysis himself and free up more time available for other activities. If still a difficult decision is to be made, it is often the result of one of these circumstances :

The Project manager has not defined the proper performance criteria
He did not invite the right people (therefore the quality of their ideas is weak)
Contributors are not using Business GPS® very well (lack of practice)
There are simply no solutions to be found.

In such cases, a coach or training would be appropriate.

Archive the project

In order to make room for your new projects, you can archive an old project. No information will be lost. Try by yourself: archive a project, then reactivate this project. All the data and results are available again : nothing has changed. Satisfied?

Version GOLD

More powerful than the standard version, the Gold version disposes of a couple of additional features, dedicated to assist also an organization during the implementtation of its final decisions.