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Business GPS® is the only collective intelligence software managing, collecting, combining and checking strategies proposed by contributors.
It helps you calculate in a few hours the most efficient solutions to achieve customer objectives, in a way that is 100% rational and free from subjectivity!

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    How does Business GPS® work ?

    With Business GPS®, you manage your own project desktop. You create as many challenges or issues to be solved as you like (your projects). You invite as many people as you want. After defining your objectives and enabling your participants to join, you wait until the data is collected. Then you create and submit one or more calculation profiles. A few minutes later, you have the answer.

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    Why have we built a collective intelligence software ?

    The Business GPS® is a powerful software that solves complex tactical issues, starting with a standard brainstorming using this Internet website. More ideas are collected, as well as specific information allowing a calculation engine to recombine all the data available : the very best strategies are then highlighted in a 100% rational and objective manner.

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