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Strategic efficiency

Business GPS® is the only collective intelligence software managing, collecting, combining and checking strategies proposed by contributors.
It helps you calculate in a few hours the most efficient solutions to achieve customer objectives, in a way that is 100% rational and free from subjectivity!

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  • Small and Medium Enterprises

    Small and Medium Enterprise

    Example: This SME has developed an innovative product, but has not yet assessed the potential markets. To whom should they sell the product, in which form, and at what pricing? Alternatives may exist. But how can they perform a quick exercise on this issue, taking advantage of the SME expertise, and not losing control over the final decision. The Business GPS will be perfect.

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  • Local Public Authorities

    Local Public Authorities

    Example: A political entity in the region is willing to tackle a feeling of ill-being among residents of a specific neighborhood, which involves traffic lanes largely crowded, noise, and a sense of insecurity for children playing around the town park. How can they quickly bring everyone to agree on a sustainable and efficient solution? Business GPS provides here a solution.

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  • Not-for-profit industry

    Not-for-profit industry

    Example: An association raises the question about how to promote our city as potential organizer for conferences at international level. The opportunity seems obvious to them since they already operate several well-known events. An intensive session using the Business GPS will be welcome.

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  • Consultants & Advisors

    The independent advisor

    Example: The independent Advisor of the above SME would like to boost their sense of innovation and show more easily the "so many impacts" to his client. But the client is not willing to spend extravagant budget to think tank. So, this advisor is now looking for a quick collaborative tool with high added value that will give sense to this exercise. The Business GPS is the solution.

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