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Strategic efficiency

Business GPS® is the only collective intelligence software managing, collecting, combining and checking strategies proposed by contributors.
It helps you calculate in a few hours the most efficient solutions to achieve customer objectives, in a way that is 100% rational and free from subjectivity!

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Large companies

  • Large companies

    Large companies or Multinationals

    Example: A large international company operates with a network of independent salesmen, therefore to be managed with special care. This alliance is the cause for significant tensions and misunderstandings, and unexpected clashes started a few months ago. What can we do to solve a peak in the crisis? The Business GPS will be perfect.

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  • Inter-governmental organizations

    Inter-governmental organizations

    Example: European experts work together to find an effective way to promote creativity in small and medium enterprises. In the panel, they are coming from all over Europe. Most of them are already working on multiple projects in their own country. So, these experts would like to reduce travels. The Business GPS will be perfect in such case.

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  • Government, Public administrations

    Government, Public administrations

    Example: A specific area in the country has observed a deterioration in its public education system. Explainations lead to fights between political parties. But none of them has really identified the true cause or at least dare to talk about it in public, fearing to loose votes from the electors. How can we prevent such situation to become even worst. The Business GPS will be perfect.

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  • Consultants & Advisors

    Large Consultancy Firms

    Example: A consulting firm wishes to regain market shares lost to their competitors. They are also willing to consolidate their presence with new customers. But these new customers are not willing to spend extravagant budgets. The firm is now looking for an easy service with a high added value that makes all the difference. The Business GPS will be perfect.

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  • Non-governmental organizations

    International NGO

    Example: A humanitarian catastrophe has just occurred. Collecting donations is under way and is in fact no major concern. But once there, all the infrastructure and delivery system in the affected country has been destroyed. We need to quickly establish an alternative to channel aid to a population in urgent need. A Quick Business GPS session is welcome.

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  • Defense & National Security

    Sector of Defense

    Example: Two countries at war are hating each other to the point that no agreement seems possible. However, basics are there for both parties to admit at least one common observation, becoming a new goal: they both wish to reduce their conflictual situation. So, a peace plan may be possible. Business GPS would be perfect.

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