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Business GPS® is the only collective intelligence software managing, collecting, combining and checking strategies proposed by contributors.
It helps you calculate in a few hours the most efficient solutions to achieve customer objectives, in a way that is 100% rational and free from subjectivity!

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As part to all our support contracts:


  • CLIENT :
    Any company or individual who registers on the platform “www.business-gps.eu” or is using a login to access the Business GPS® software,
    or orders some additional support to the Business GPS® company or its partners.
    Any project or challenge, created online with the support of the Business GPS® platform.
    Anyone invited by the CLIENT under any SESSION using the Business GPS® platform.


    Article 1: Role of the Business GPS® company

    The role of our company is to promote and propagate regular use of the Business GPS® software by professional users,
    such as:

  • Multinational and large companies
  • Public Sector and administration
  • Small and Medium Enterprises
  • Nonprofit & voluntary sectors
  • Consultancy firms

  • In order to achieve this, the Business GPS® company received an exclusive license for overall coordination, development of the Business GPS® software, and commercial activities around this software. Our company carries out this activity independently, especially with respect to the IT development strategy, how it negotiates commercial contracts, fixes the pricing policy, and organize all the other activities.

    However, the Business GPS® company also performs due diligence activities and monitoring on behalf of the intellectual property holders. The company acts honestly and in good faith with this respect. In particular, Business GPS® shall preserve their interests in the area of software protection. It also ensures that dissemination of confidential information around the codes and functioning of the Business GPS® software shall be limited, especially those being not strictly necessary for the conduct of the business, and the overall company mission.

    The Business GPS® company has received mandate to grant software licenses to professional users under normal and time-bound conditions, such as access to a number of sessions, or for a delimited period in days, months or years. It also covers the other support activities directly or indirectly related to the software, which a CLIENT may seek from time to time. Here, our company may propose the assignement of experts, trainers, coordinators, consultants together with the organization
    of events around CLIENT SESSIONS.

    Article 2: Limitation of Liability


    CLIENTS are bearing all the risk related to their projects and SESSIONS while using the Business GPS® software. The Business GPS® company shall in no circumstances be liable for any damages of any kind whatsoever (including, without limitation, loss of profits, loss of information, loss of data, interruption of their activity, and any tangible or intangible losses associated with the use of this software) and can not be held responsible for any financial loss or losses of any other nature directly or indirectly related with the use of the Business GPS® software.

    CLIENTS must check by themselves the information required to properly use the software, either on the basis of the explanations available on the website, or the software manual (available online), or by means of support received over the phone or proper trainings for “Beginners”. They will make sure that their CONTRIBUTORS will acquire sufficient expertise in order to effectively use the Business GPS® software in their online SESSIONS.

    The Business GPS® company assumes no legal or contractual warranty, expressly or implied concerning the methodology and technology covered by the software, including and not limited, no warranty on quality, suitability or performance.

    Article 3: Privacy policy

    The Business GPS® software never transfers information from one client to another. Each CLIENT SESSION will start with its own new data. The calculation engine of Business GPS® only deals with those information brought exclusively by the CLIENT or his/her CONTRIBUTORS.

    Article 4: Professional services

    Business GPS® informs that additional consultancy services will be provided in a professional manner, in accordance with the standards applicable in the international consultancy business. Except for the Business GPS® software which is delivered “as is”, we will correct (or shall rectify) any other work that is not in accordance with the above standards, provided that a breach in services has been brought to our attention within a reasonable delay of 45 days, and that this breach is real, reasonable and justified.

    With respect to the assignement of experts, trainers, coordinators and consultants, the Business GPS® company limits its responsibility to an intermediation role and will inform, if applicable, the external provider(s) with all the remarks and comments made available by the CLIENT, in order to obtain said work rectified. The company Business GPS ® will never be held directly responsible.

    The Business GPS® company ensures that all consultants assigned to the CLIENT have been selected on the basis of a certification by an accredited consultancy network, or as a result of specific expertise or specific ability shown by this external provider, which expertise is also communicated to the client. Fees for using external providers are repaid to these external providers. Business GPS® gets only the intermediation fee.

    Concerning the use of the Business GPS® software, our staff and partners may need – depending on the phase within a SESSION – to delegate tasks and responsibilities to CONTRIBUTORS assigned by the CLIENT. Business GPS®, its staff and partners, will in no circumstances be liable for breaches in quality related to this part of the work, which is under the sole responsibility of the CLIENT.

    Article 5: Constitution of brainstorming groups

    The operating framework of the Business GPS® platform provides that a group of CONTRIBUTORS will be assigned on each SESSION using our software. This group consists ideally of 7 to 25 experienced men and women, the exact number being at the discretion of the CLIENT, which may differ from our recommendation (from 1 to infinity).

    The CLIENT may also use avatars, that is to say fictitious experts, most often people from the CLIENT management who will fulfill multiple roles by replacing other contributors unavailable for the exercise. For example, they will complete the software screens on behalf of business functions exceptionally excluded from a too sensitive SESSION (eg. relocation of a factory).

    Group Profile

    The Group of CONTRIBUTORS will be composed of a number of people representing all expertises, as may be deemed necessary to solve a challenge in the area of competences targeted by the SESSION. Furthermore, CONTRIBUTORS will also need to be keen with four areas of general affinities, which are: (1) the company processes within the covered business area, (2) the design or management of business operating tools, (3) the management of human resources, and (4) those people who have an opinion on the strategy to be engaged.

    This group should also benefit the trust from the CLIENT management. It will be close to the people who will implement the future strategy, even still to be defined. And, this group of CONTRIBUTORS will also be able to “think out of the box” with ideas, options and strategies.

    The group of CONTRIBUTORS will perform the key task of collecting creative and factual data, as may be deemed necessary to solve the challenge opened on the Business GPS® plateform. At the end of each SESSION, it shall be clearly understood that the quality of the results, the quality of the solutions and the strategic options proposed by the software will greatly depend upon the quality of the information collected from the CONTRIBUTORS.

    Article 6: Business GPS® coordinators

    At the CLIENT’s request, coordinators sent by Business GPS® or its partners will be allowed to contact all CLIENT CONTRIBUTORS assigned to the SESSION, as part of their mission. They may also organize the workshops required in their work program.

    In order to prepare the CLIENT CONTRIBUTORS for an effective teamwork, the CLIENT will use all favorable means so that the CONTRIBUTORS will bring their best input and collaboration in the SESSION. If necessary, they will be informed that a specific coordinator has been assigned by Business GPS® or one of its partners in order to support their work.

    Calibration Test

    By means of an ice-breaker, Business GPS® coordinators will check that the group of CONTRIBUTORS assigned on the SESSION by the CLIENT, will dispose of the necessary experience to fulfill their role in a strategy project. The group must be diversified. Where appropriate, our coordinator will share his observations with the CLIENT. And in case of serious concerns, he may refuse the CONTRIBUTOR’S composition and withdraw from the project, until the CLIENT proposes a more suitable composition.

    Article 7: CLIENT Coordinators

    In addition to Article 6 (“Business GPS® Coordinators”), the CLIENT may also delegate a coordinator on any Business GPS® SESSIONS, who regardless from the role of the Business GPS® official personnel, shall also ensure the proper conduct of such SESSION.

    If this is the case, the internal coordinator assigned by the CLIENT will specifically monitor that all his/her CONTRIBUTORS will perform their tasks within the reasonable time agreed. Whatever the outcome, he/she will inform the Business GPS® coordinator. He/she will also relay within the CLIENT organization any further instructions received from the personnel of Business GPS® or its partners, depending on the situation.

    Article 8: Introduction of data

    Forms to complete are distributed all over the Business GPS® software screens. Instructions around each form are displayed on top of each screen. However, additional instructions are sometimes displayed at the bottom of some of the screens. You may also check for more information in the online software manual. The online software manual can be displayed by clicking the “Help” button in the software menu bar, on top of most of the Business GPS® software screens.

    The CONTRIBUTORS can complete remotely 24-7 (twenty-four seven) all software screens, in the office or at home, during office hours or anytime. The website of Business GPS® gives the required information with respect to which interface is recognized or not by the software : desktops, laptops, tablets, mobile with touch screens, etc.

    The reasonable time allocated for the CONTRIBUTORS in order to introduce their data is 48 hours. For SESSIONS requiring a particular emergency, or conversely additional people brainstorming, less or more time may be granted at the request of the CLIENT. It is important to understand that in Business GPS®, factual tasks are progressively activated, but are fully activated only when all creative information has been introduced in the system. Delaying the creative phase can therefore slow down a SESSION, as well as its access to the final result. It is the CLIENT who appreciates the reasonable time allocated to his/her CONTRIBUTORS, depending on the nature, the level of emergency and the difficulty shown on each SESSION.

    Article 9: Potential delays

    In order to anticipate all potential pitfalls on a project conducted with the Business GPS® collective intelligence software,
    we provide below the list of informative issues that may occur from time to time on a strategy project:

  • Agenda / Scheduling conflicts
  • Insufficient priority allocated to a project
  • Political tensions or unclear vision for the future
  • CONTRIBUTORS are stuck when creating new tactical ideas
  • Improvement criteria are poorly understood, poorly chosen, or illegible
  • CONTRIBUTORS are not following the screen instructions
  • CONTRIBUTORS are not following the instructions provided in the manual
  • CONTRIBUTORS lack training when using Business GPS® for the first time
  • CONTRIBUTORS delays the introduction of their data
  • Textual input from several CONTRIBUTORS are illegible or incomprehensive
  • A participant is stuck on a screen or exercise, which he does not understand
  • A participant wants to (or must) leave the SESSION
  • Blocking on the introduction of costs and Budget
  • Blocking on the assessment of risks and efforts
  • Blocking on the assessment of impacts
  • CLIENT management takes no decision
  • Expected changes is not coming true

  • The CLIENT will pay particular attention to mitigate these pitfalls and ensure the appropriate follow-up so that the Business GPS® experience will be a positive one for all CONTRIBUTORS. In particular, the online FAQ of the Website gives a list of appropriate responses for each of the above pitfalls. They all have a specific reason for raising while conducting a SESSION: they mean that something is going wrong, and which can be fixed!

    Article 10: Meeting rooms for brainstorming

    Some SESSIONS conducted with the Business GPS® software can be improved with physical brainstorming meetings, held directly in the CLIENT’s premises. In such case, the internal coordinator assigned by the CLIENT will receive from the Business GPS® official coordinator a Plan. This plan will give all the details with respect to the arrangement of the meeting room in order to best support each brainstorming session. The Business GPS® coordinator will also list the equipment that is necessary. Saying that, all meetings will at least include a table to support the paperwork materials, a flipchart, a beamer screen and a beamer to be connected to the coordinator’s laptop.

    The customer must also provide the Business GPS® coordinator with an easy access to the CLIENT premises and a parking nearby the meeting room. According to the kind of meeting planned, the material brought by the coordinator may be heavy and cumbersome. The CLIENT must take appropriate action with this respect.

    If the meeting room is not ready according to the specifications set by the Business GPS® coordinator, the coordinator may then decide whether he goes forward with the meeting materials available, or can ask the CLIENT to fix quickly the problem, or he may adjourn this meeting to a later date with possible enforcement of Article 11 (“Billable Expenses – Coordinator immobilization”) as set out in these Terms and Conditions. If the meeting still takes place, but for that reason the duration of the meeting exceeds by more than 90 minutes the time initially allocated to the meeting, to the extent that another CLIENT of Business GPS® could not be supported, then additional fees will be charged to the CLIENT under Article 11 (“Coordinator immobilization”).

    Residential meetings

    The CLIENT may delegate to Business GPS® the preparation of one or more brainstorming meetings, especially on residential sites to be agreed. In this case, the CLIENT will pay on the Business GPS® bank account or the account of his partner an amount to be indicated by Business GPS® (or the Business GPS® partner) in order to cover the costs for this event. Specifications for this payment are those set in Article 11 (“Billable Expenses – Residential meetings”) under these Terms and Conditions.

    Article 11: Billable expenses

    Depending on the circumstances,
    the following fees may be billed by Business GPS® and partners:


  • Tariffs are those displayed on our website.
  • Prepayment is required before each new validity begins.

  • Billing is due as from the Online activation of an account on the Business GPS® platform, and as long this account has not been closed by the CLIENT, or blocked by the software provider. Indeed, Business GPS Sprl keeps here a prerogative to eventually operate a selection among customers, and stop at any time online accounts that would not correspond to the spirit of quality and fair use of software.

  • If a trial period has been granted to a CLIENT to test the Business GPS® software, it is considered by right that this trial period is granted only once for the entire organization or holding to which the CLIENT is related. It should be understood under the concept of holding: the CLIENT, the parent company, the sister companies, the subsidiaries, including their employees, in accordance with accounting rules. If additional trial periods were activated within the same holding or the same organization that owns the CLIENT, or the same users, these illegitimate trials will be charged in full rights according to the Tariff displayed for paying customers.

  • After the registration of an online account under a trial period, the CLIENT may either stop using Business GPS® after the expiry date or continue to use it. Having this in mind, the CLIENT selects the number of months during which he needs to access his Business GPS® account. An email with appropriate instructions must be sent by the CLIENT to the online support no later than 15 days after the account registration.

  • Each CLIENT has a right to activate his Business GPS® account either permanently or intermittently, without losing the data related to older SESSIONS. By default, a permanent account is always allocated.

  • Permanent accounts are billed on a quarterly basis, at the beginning of each new period.
  • In order to terminate a permanent account, the CLIENT instructions must be received by the online support no later than 8 days before the expiry date.
  • If the CLIENT wishes to migrate from a permanent account to an intermittent account (eg access the Business GPS® software during 3 months only, with the result that the access is closed again on the next day until further CLIENT instructions for reactivation), the CLIENT must send a clear and unambiguous instruction to the online support, no later than 8 days before the expiry date of the permanent account, or of the last intermittent maturity.


  • At the express request of the CLIENT
  • Trainers, coaches, experts, consultants or coordinators
  • We refer here to the daily rates of our external service providers,
    depending on the nature of the support required by the CLIENT and tariff standards applied in the country where this support is provided.

  • Coordinator immobilization

  • If the Business GPS® coordinator is immobilized on a SESSION
    more than 90 minutes beyond the initially agreed schedule
  • 150 € per new started hour (90 minutes delay is allowed)

  • Paperwork and printouts

  • € 20 for every 100 printed pages

  • Distance traveled by car

  • In case the distance exceeds 20 kilometers
  • € 0.3352 / km, or the package approved by the Belgian tax authorities
    plus 15%

  • Travel costs

  • The plane, train, coach or boat tickets plus 15%
  • If the CLIENT agrees that the Business GPS® provider
    is not a resident of the region where the support is provided.

  • Hotel costs

  • Nights at the hotel, breakfast included plus 15%
  • If the CLIENT agrees that the Business GPS® provider
    is not a resident of the region where the support is provided.

  • Daily allowances

  • 95 € / day, or the package approved by the Belgian tax authorities plus 15%
  • If the CLIENT agrees that the Business GPS® provider is not a resident of the region where the support is provided.

  • Residential meetings

  • At the express request of the CLIENT
  • Preparation of a residential meeting or seminar outside the CLIENT offices
  • Tariffs announced or charged by the site owner plus 7%

  • Other miscellaneous

  • According to the need of each mission
  • The accurate costs incurred

  • Automatically and without notice, access by the CLIENT to the Business GPS® platform will be withdrawn in the case where payments or refunds due to Business GPS® or any of its partners are not honored by the CLIENT within a reasonable period of 30 days, and 15 days after the reminder notice.

    Article 12: Force majeure

    In no circumstances, Business GPS® shall be deemed responsible in the cases of force majeure,
    which includes for example:

  • Illness or absenteeism of an expert, coordinator, trainer, consultant, employee, or any other service provider assigned to a CLIENT project
  • Troubleshooting with inoperative technical equipment, problems with Internet connection or beamer, loss of data, or unfortunate and unintentional damage,
    computer viruses, etc.
  • Low quality of strategic solutions proposed by the Business GPS® software, as a result of a lack of inspiration from CONTRIBUTORS assigned by the CLIENT.

    Given the number of people involved in a SESSION and current practices in the area of business consulting, the responsibility of Business GPS® and its partners is always limited to an obligation of means and not of results .

    Article 13: Election of domicile

    For the execution of this contract, the parties elect their domicile at the following addresses:

  • Business GPS®: at the address indicated on website “www.business-gps.eu” in the page called “Contacts”
  • CLIENT: at the address provided by him in the screen called “My Company” within the Business GPS® Software. And for that reason, the CLIENT agrees to keep “up-to-date” his address in the software screen. If it turns out that the CLIENT domicile or any other data is obviously incorrect, then Business GPS® may as of right either terminate the contract, or select for example another more consistent address found in the database of the Banque Carrefour des Entreprises (in Belgium), or from any other similar database (outside Belgium).

  • Notifications to the Parties

    Any notice must be sent to the parties at the above addresses, by registred postal mail, or by e-mail. Wherever possible, preference shall be given to emails.

    Article 14: Law

    These general Terms and Conditions shall be governed by the Belgian law for their implementation and interpretation. In case of dispute, only the courts of Brussels shall be in charge. The French version shall prevail, other versions are given as fair indication.The invalidity or unenforceability of any provision in these Terms and Conditions shall in no way affect the validity and enforceability of the remaining provisions of this agreement.

    Without notice, access by the CLIENT to the Business GPS® platform will be withdrawn if the nature of the CLIENT SESSIONS are in conflict with the laws set in force by the State of Belgium.

    Article 15: Rightful resolution of disputes

    In case of dispute, which is not leading to a mutual agreement, Business GPS® may rightfully limit its compensation in favour of a CLIENT, by reimbursing back the net revenue collected during the past 6 months on that CLIENT. The Net income will be calculated as being the amounts actually received, from which deduction is made of any costs charged to Business GPS® by external providers, with respect to projects conducted for that CLIENT. If this option is chosen, the dispute shall be deemed as finally resolved and filed.