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Strategic efficiency

Business GPS® is the only collective intelligence software managing, collecting, combining and checking strategies proposed by contributors.
It helps you calculate in a few hours the most efficient solutions to achieve customer objectives, in a way that is 100% rational and free from subjectivity!

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Online Access

Business GPS ® is a software for brainstorming, which combines the advantages of a collaborative platform with a powerful CALCULATION ENGINE. It optimizes the efficiency of your employees, managers, customers and partners by using a different approach, online and much faster. Business GPS ® is an advanced software to assist the management of a company to easily develop complex strategies.

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Business GPS® Engine

In the background of this platform, a powerful engine translates each idea in a strategy. At the end, it checks and combines all of the strategies to compute the most efficient solutions to achieve your customer objectives, in a way that is 100% rational and free from subjectivity. The Solutions are then displayed in the results screens.

Flexible to its environment

Business GPS® does not require any data before starting new sessions. Furthermore, it doesn’t need to be interfaced or connected with other computer systems. In fact, participants invited on a project will feed the system with their creative ideas and factual inputs. As a result, the software will automatically adapt to the environment of each business. Who wants to use the Business GPS®? Actually, all types of organizations: from the small business to multinationals, government, public administrations, consultants, etc. You will find a few examples on this website.

Training and Support

We provide a Quick Start training with respect to Business GPS®. For large projects, coordinators and residential seminars are also proposed to assist our customers.

Unlimited number of projects

Any open issue or challenge can serve as the basis for a session with Business GPS®. You commission the software to optimize the performances of your choice. By this, we mean those company performances that are best suitable to improve your satisfaction. And, you can invite as many participants as desired to enrich your Business GPS® session.

Can I work alone?

Of course, you can work alone to solve your business challenges. Be aware that you will complete many more tasks, especially those allocated to the unavailable experts. You also take the risk to loose creativity in your project (as only one person is contributing). However, it may be useful while working on sensitive projects (the relocation of a factory, for example).