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Business GPS® is the only collective intelligence software managing, collecting, combining and checking strategies proposed by contributors.
It helps you calculate in a few hours the most efficient solutions to achieve customer objectives, in a way that is 100% rational and free from subjectivity!

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The MANAGEMENT of a public authority will appreciate the efficiency of Business GPS® as it will simplify collaboration fom various stakeholders and experts : regional and national employees, external experts, supervisors, ministerial cabinet, central and outsourced services, end users, advisors, consultants, etc. All functions of a public administration can be updated simultaneously.

As needed, a partner network composed of over 3,500 professional advisers in 25 countries, will be available on a call to our ONLINE SUPPORT. Business GPS® will help the management of a public authority to enlarge the fields of reflection and use the hidden skills within each department. It will bring rigor and impartiality to balance the natural tendency for stagnation, for missing key changes, and for missing key creative aspects in all challenges.

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This software will reach your objectives :
anticipation and resolution of your future challenges !

Also, the Business GPS® works very fast and is easy to use. And the fact that we may use external consultants from the support service is incidental and does not create dependency towards this service. So, the management of a public authority can start using the Business GPS® with a consultant and use it later as a collaborative platform entirely under their own control. After a session with the Business GPS®, there is often something to do : for example a LIST OF ACTIONS to complete !

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During this PROMOTION CAMPAIGN you may create multiple business challenges to be solved and invite a few participants to contribute with you. Access to the software screens and calculation functions will be granted; This will allow you to identify the most appropriate strategies for your business, highlighted and calculated with Business GPS®. For more information about this campaign, you can contact our CALL CENTER.

500 € per month :

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CHAPTER - How to use the Business GPS software (GB)

1. The main screen of the software …

Project Screen with comments (English)

is personal for each user
will allow you to clarify by means of a project list the nature of your business challenges, what issues need improvement,
the difficulties you must resist, the objectives to be achieved, your key success factors, etc.
will facilitate the invitation of colleagues and other stakeholders (your participants)
will invite them to complete data fields that will “feed” the software.

Finally, the project manager will access the calculation screens. These will quickly display a list of solutions enabling the company (or his department)
to achieve the business goals. As an example of challenge, we will take the last key issues that your company still needs to address. In order to solve
the difficult task, Business GPS can help. Within hours or a few days, the software will solve the issue.

Business GPS : Example of Screen (English)

2. Choose a business challenge
to be solved …

A manager creates a collective session, where he defines a problem to be solved. He builds up with Business GPS® a vision together with key performances to be improved. He selects a team composed of trusted staff who will help solve the problem. The manager then instructs the software to improve such performance for the well-being of the company or a particular department.

3. Invite employees …

The Business GPS® allows you to invite your colleagues, experts, consultants, and even external partners. You can also work alone, or create avatars with sharp expertise in areas, which are needed to solve the challenge. These individuals are then informed of the challenge and will help you solve it. The ideal reflection group should be as diverse as possible.

Business GPS helps you solve business challenges (before)

Business GPS helps you solve business challenges (after)

4. Contribute …

The software invites the selected participants by mail, with a login and link to connect ; When connecting, they are informed about the challenge or issue the company has to solve ; As everyone starts giving their input according to their expertise, they share all together ideas, proposals and whatever they feel important to contribute to the resolution of the challenge. To use as much of the software capabilities, it is important to share a maximum of ideas. For example, each participant may be assigned one or more roles to review.

5. Complete the factual data …

After the creative contribution comes a time for factual data to be collected from the various company experts: costs, risks, human resources required to put ideas into motion, as well as a directory of the expected impacts. Whatever the business situation, the software will adapt to each customer. It is therefore important to provide accurate information to the calculation engine, so that it will run in the most appropriate way. Sometimes, experts will correct an order of magnitude for a specific data to promote correct information.

Business GPS : le meilleur de vos employés

Business GPS : Example of a solution

… the software will find the solution.

Once all the data is stored in the system, you create one or more calculation profiles and these will be saved in a waiting list. A few minutes later (and after several millions of calculations), the server will create a link to those identified strategies. The solutions are graphically presented in descending order from the best (on top of the list) to the least efficient. All solutions are summarized but you can also view the full details.


Business GPS : The most frequent projects

Business GPS : the sequence of steps

Complex projects requiring impartiality

Many project managers need to analyze their options in a broader perspective, to bring expertise and objectivity in their decisions. Doing so, they also need to collect the support from their colleagues, more specifically when it comes to complex and critical challenges. They need a tool that will allow them to find the right consensus and overcome the difficult stages of decision making. The Business GPS is particularly suited to overcome these situations.

Challenges pending during months

The Business GPS® helps business customers to meet objectives, which they can’t achieve using conventional management techniques. Most of the time, their challenge will remain unsolved for weeks and months. The idea is for them to use Business GPS as from the 10th day of a dead-end situation. The software is key useful in case of critical and almost insoluble issues.

Challenges involving human resources

Consider a true example : the board member of a bank is in charge of Human Resources, in addition to other key activities. He complains that his department no longer meets the institution’s requirements in terms of effective support. The bank wants to revitalize the human resources team around a positive concept. Twenty employees participated in the Business GPS® session. The project involved soft human issues, culture differences, together with hidden agendas. A few days later, the software results were available. As from the first calculation, five priorities were assigned to the HR department, leading to the purchase of a new software.

Business GPS : Opinion and comments

Phil Jafflin – Cognegy (USA), Atlanta

“The Business GPS is more efficient than any other systems.”


Claude Mancel – Procter & Gamble (Europe)

“The Business GPS is a tool with high potential, dedicated to become
a MUST in the future.”

John Lucas – Business advisor in Denmark

“The Business GPS may open an entirely new market niche.”

Guy Tordeur – CSC Largest Trade Union in Belgium

“This concept using collaborative human resources
within an organization is exceptional !”

Jorg De Decker – Développeur informatique

“It is impressive how quickly the information is integrated
in the Business GPS, using only a few exchanges with the users !”

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