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Business GPS® is the only collective intelligence software managing, collecting, combining and checking strategies proposed by contributors.
It helps you calculate in a few hours the most efficient solutions to achieve customer objectives, in a way that is 100% rational and free from subjectivity!

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Business GPS - Synthèse - Executive Summary -Collective intelligence is the capacity of a group of people to solve complicated problems together

Either private or public, ALL BUSINESS ORGANIZATIONS are facing huge challenges to improve their efficiency and productivity. They are often looking for tools allowing them to implement better strategies, more quickly. Business GPS® is an interactive software that manages collective intelligence and brainstorming for those organizations wishing to boost their efficiency !

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CHAPTER - Business GPS : What is it about

Always the right strategy suited to your needs!

The Business GPS® software provides emergency support for companies facing complications, or for which challenges are increasingly difficult to meet.

Business GPS® sessions will collect the expertise of employees, experts, consultants, clients or even subcontractors, each within their own area of expertise.

At Business GPS®, our work has shown that very often the information required to solve a complex business challenge is already available in hidden mode within the client organization.

Solutions proposed by the software are 100% objective and checked against the company objectives.

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Business GPS is also for the SMEs, small en medium companies
Business GPS is for multinationals and large companies
Business GPS for the public authorities, government and public administrations
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How do we solve a complex
strategy problem with Business GPS?

Just follow the framework of this expert software. Business GPS® is a collaborative tool that combines the advantages of a brainstorming platform, with a powerful COMPUTING ENGINE. As such, it will optimize the efficiency of each employee, manager, client or partner and offer an innovative and comprehensive online approach. This advanced software helps the management of a company to quickly develop complex and practical strategies. Each participant spends an average of 30 minutes with the software screens. At the end of the session, there is a list of the best suitable solutions for the company.

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Some arguments
in favor of collective intelligence

The ability for a company manager to access an accurate, reliable, collaborative and quick tool, for which the algorithmic result “is never wrong,” is a huge asset. Business GPS® brings to collective brainstorming its own EVOCATIVE DIMENSION. Before key decision are made, the software will check by itself and compute the best suitable solutions, based on the expertise shared by the company. This dimension is totally absent from any other brainstorming tool available on the market. The computing engine is a new solution, a step forward for group decision support systems. The Business GPS® can be used without consultants, and removes a third of the activities required with classic brainstorming software.

L'homme de réflexion : Et la lumière fût - The light is shining again

The Business GPS
shows also the best of you!

Business GPS® does not require any data before starting new sessions. Furthermore, it doesn’t need to be interfaced or connected with other computer systems, except the internet connection. Only participants invited on projects do feed the system with their creative ideas and factual inputs (their expertise). In many companies, the necessary information to solve a complex business challenge is already available internally in hidden mode within the organization. This is what the Business GPS® needs to bring forward and use. As a result, the software will AUTOMATICALLY adapt to the environment of every business organization. All types of organizations may use the Business GPS®: from the small business to multinationals, public administrations, government, consultants, etc. You will find a few examples in our website menu bar.

Team work - Collective intelligence

The Business GPS
is particularly suited to enable change

First, the need for change is checked again with the project manager. Then, the direction of change is translated into clear and precise key success factors, which will allow to verify at any time if the company is on the right path. Furthermore, the company’s internal experts are involved in most sessions using the Business GPS®. They will be able to test all their ideas and concerns. As a result, the final solution always incorporate the best of each expert. Finally, roles are shared and recognizable in a session using Business GPS®: as from the creativity session, to the sharing of data by experts, the implementation of the chosen solution, etc. In fact, a session using Business GPS® will STIMULATE the implementation of change.

Business GPS is also designed to enable change management

Why should we trust the Business GPS ?

The Business GPS® is a super efficient tool for solving business problems, from simple to more difficult, especially the complex business issues. Any business challenge may use a session with Business GPS®. You mandate the software to optimize the business performance of your choice in the BEST INTEREST of your company. You can invite as many participants as desired to enrich the reflection. The software has been developed by a team, set up by a consultant who worked for a “Big Five” of worldwide consultancy. Business GPS seeks only solutions that will objectively improve performances, and more specifically the performance of your business. This software remains at all times 100% objective and politically neutral.

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